Rainer Servais

Civil Engineering (risk consultant)
Mobil: +49-151-4313 2426

Rainer came from AGCS SE (Allianz Global Cororate & Specialty) as Senior Risk Consultant for Civil Engineering to Expert Centre for Technology in 08/2022.
Rainer entered Allianz Insurance SE in 1988 and worked more than 30 years in several different roles and units as an underwriter and a risk consultant for large national and international construction and erection projects as well as industrial insurance programs.
During that time, he also attended the working group of the German Insurance Association / Gesamtverband der Versicherer (GDV) in Berlin for the revision of the German Civil Construction Insurance Conditions.
Before joining Allianz SE, Rainer worked 1 year for Kling Consult in DE-Krumbach designing small hydro power plants and 3 years for Jaeschke and Preuss GmbH in Duisburg as local site manager on railway bridge projects and sewer systems.
The Luxembourg native graduated in 1983 from the Technical University of Munich with a Diplom-Ingenieur of Civil Engineering degree. He focused in university in hydropower plants and construction management.

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