Dr. Johannes Stoiber

Materials & Turbo Maschinery (external expert)

Johannes belongs to the expert network of former AZT colleagues (Allianz Center for Technology) and supports the Expert Center for Technology / Experten Zentrum für Technik (EZT) and its clients with his expertise.

Johannes entered the AZT in 1996 as a technical expert for materials engineering. His areas of expertise are damage investigations, especially on high temperature applications in the power generation industry, e.g. gas or diesel engines, steam or gas turbines. He became head of the AZT Laboratory in 2001 and was appointed to the managing director of ARC GmbH in 2012.

efore joining the AZT he worked for three years as project leader in the central laboratory of ABB in Baden (CH). His main scope of work was failure analysis in the area of gas turbines and the development of repair technologies (brazing and welding) for advanced gas turbine materials (directionally solidified alloys and single crystals).

He graduated in 1988 from the Technical University of Erlangen with a Master degree of Materials Engineering. In 1993, he graduated from EPFL “Ecole Fédérale de Lausanne” with a Ph. D. in Metal Physics.

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