Rüdiger Krethe

OilDoc GmbH

Cooperation partner for lubricant analyses


  • Solution of lubrication problems and questions
  • Neutral technical advice on product selection and optimisation
    • Optimal lubricant management from purchase to disposal
    • Longer oil-change intervals, easier maintenance
    • Optimization of lubrication tasks, incl. Storage, handling and oil change
    • The right lubricants for your new or old machines without an escalating variety of types.
    • Cost savings in lubricant purchase
    • Proper lubricant monitoring and oil care
    • Sustainable and professional handling of lubrication issues
  • Clarification and elimination of the causes of system malfunctions and machine damage
  • Support in negotiations with machine manufacturers or lubricant suppliers
  • Auditing of the professional handling of lubricants
  • Auditing of the concept to ensure the cleanliness requirements in production and assembly up to commissioning
  • Seminars and coaching in the fields of lubrication, lubricants, lubricant analyses and proactive maintenance

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