Arne Bohl

Bohl ndt

Cooperation partner for non-destructive material testing

  • Focus of activities and testing techniques:
  • Surface crack testing (PT/MT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (special application: Tooth volume testing on case-hardened gear teeth / conventional and phased array).
  • Preparation of indirect surface impressions for further microscopic analysis (Technovit; Provil novo, foil technique)
  • Crack depth determination with potential probe
  • Hardness tests (different outpatient methods / UCI and Leeb)
  • Preparation of microstructure impressions (replica technique / component metallography) for the assessment of the material condition or for the individual analysis of defects)
  • Individual consulting and support on topics related to materials testing and welding technology
  • Acceptance tests and construction supervision activities (castings and forgings, mechanical engineering, power plant technology)
  • Visual inspections

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