OilDoc GmbH

Cooperation partner for lubricant analyses


  • Solution of lubrication problems and questions
  • Neutral technical advice on product selection and optimisation
    • Optimal lubricant management from purchase to disposal
    • Longer oil-change intervals, easier maintenance
    • Optimization of lubrication tasks, incl. Storage, handling and oil change
    • The right lubricants for your new or old machines without an escalating variety of types.
    • Cost savings in lubricant purchase
    • Proper lubricant monitoring and oil care
    • Sustainable and professional handling of lubrication issues
  • Clarification and elimination of the causes of system malfunctions and machine damage
  • Support in negotiations with machine manufacturers or lubricant suppliers
  • Auditing of the professional handling of lubricants
  • Auditing of the concept to ensure the cleanliness requirements in production and assembly up to commissioning
  • Seminars and coaching in the fields of lubrication, lubricants, lubricant analyses and proactive maintenance

Engineering Office Schaar

Cooperation partner for welding technology and non-destructive testing technology

  • Qualifications: International Welding Engineer IWE/IIW / ZfP/NDT Level 3 ISO 9712 UT, MT, PT, VT)
  • Preparation of damage reports with extensive knowledge in the processing of worldwide major losses
  • Consulting in welding technology and non-destructive testing technology
  • Preparation of handling instructions of non-destructive testing methods
  • Training courses for welding technology and non-destructive testing technology


Cooperation partner for vibration measurements


  • Diagnose operating problems
  • Recommendations for countermeasures
  • Evaluation according to standards e.g. ISO 7919 & 10816
  • Detect damage at an early stage
  • Complete diagnostic reports
  • Trend monitoring via historical measured values
  • Reports available online anywhere in the world via the web portal
  • Access to our diagnostic engineers for inquiries
  • Configuration of operator gauges
  • On-site diagnosis for emergencies

TeCo Lanz GmbH

Cooperation partner for generators and engines


  • Partial discharge tests and evaluations
  • Support with diagnostic tests and their evaluation
  • Visual inspections
  • Damage assessment and repair recommendations
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Design testing of stator windings and insulation systems
  • Production support in the field of stator windings


Cooperation partner for consulting and electrical simulation

Electrical simulation of:

  • Transient processes
  • Lightning and overvoltage protection
  • Wind turbines
  • PV systems
  • Power plants
  • Data centers
  • Electrical systems


Cooperation partner for laboratory tests


  • Tensile test
  • Hardness test
  • Bending test
  • Notched bar impact test
  • Pressure test
  • Component testing
  • Depth testing
  • Shear test
  • Roller peeling test
  • Creep test


  • Microstructure assessment
  • Standard check


  • Automotive
  • Castings
  • Electrical engineering
  • Research & Development


  • Light microscopy
  • Electron microscopy
  • Macroscopy
  • Image analysis
  • Image Management
  • Photogrammetry

Gear Consult

Cooperation partner for gear and rolling bearing damage

Comprehensive and reliable expert opinions to clarify the causes of gearbox damage and rolling bearing damage:

  • Visual findings
  • Fractography/ surface examinations
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Non-destructive testing methods (impression technique)
  • Design assessments
  • Load capacity and service life calculations
  • Load balancing calculations
  • Meaningful documentation

Manufacturer-independent know-how on issues in gear and rolling bearing technology:

  • Advice on the selection of gear and bearing concepts
  • Consulting for the creation of specifications and specifications
  • Review of designs and calculations
  • Condition assessment of gearboxes
  • Planning and evaluation of measurements
  • Trouble-shooting in the event of damage

Bohl ndt

Cooperation partner for non-destructive material testing

  • Focus of activities and testing techniques:
  • Surface crack testing (PT/MT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (special application: Tooth volume testing on case-hardened gear teeth / conventional and phased array).
  • Preparation of indirect surface impressions for further microscopic analysis (Technovit; Provil novo, foil technique)
  • Crack depth determination with potential probe
  • Hardness tests (different outpatient methods / UCI and Leeb)
  • Preparation of microstructure impressions (replica technique / component metallography) for the assessment of the material condition or for the individual analysis of defects)
  • Individual consulting and support on topics related to materials testing and welding technology
  • Acceptance tests and construction supervision activities (castings and forgings, mechanical engineering, power plant technology)
  • Visual inspections