Root cause analysis

  • Independent performance of root cause analyses in accordance with VDI Guideline 3822
    Depending on the damage, laboratory analyses, operating data analyses, FEM calculations, etc. are used.
  • Support of our customers in the evaluation of operating parameters, of findings reports for components as well as of laboratory analyses
  • Review of external damage reports
    EZT supports you as a neutral third party in the evaluation of external, technical reports (e.g. loss adjuster reports, laboratory reports and also damage analyses).

Damage recording

We offer you fast help onsite. Downtime can be reduced through valid and rapid damage recording. Our experience in damage recording supports the subsequent, efficient and meaningful analysis of the cause of damage.

Technical risk assessment

Our team supports you in the risk assessment within the scope of

  • the implementation of new manufacturing and testing technologies,
  • the evaluation of deviations from standards during production and erection or
  • the use of prototype components and
  • generally, in the case of changed boundary conditions (e.g. combustion of hydrogen in gas turbines).

Laboratory services

The finde details of technical damages are often not visible to the human eye. Our qualified, proven partner laboratories ensure the highest level of quality and reliability for all imaginable analyses and tests.

These partner laboratories support our damage analyses with all necessary analysis and examination methods – whether “classical” or “innovative” testing technology. Reliable, rapid examinations and evaluations of laboratory results are also necessary in the area of damage prevention.

Our EZT experts plan the necessary laboratory services, accompany the tests and evaluate the results.